Nea Peramos

Nea Peramos is located in the municipality of Kavala, in North Eastern Greece. It is an idyllic location built in a natural bay, right next to the sea, surrounded by mountains on the North and the west, by low hills (the Brasidas peninsula) on the south, and by the sea on the east, combining the beauty of the Greek countryside. In the past, the unique natural gulf of Nea Peramos had been used as a harbour by the Byzantines.

This harbour was the naval base of the Byzantine navy in the war against the pirates, that took place in 1170. There are ruins of an ancient castle, located in a hill on the southwest point of the bay. According to inscriptions and findings that had been found there, the castle dates back to 1170 when the war against the pirates had happened.

However, the first time that the area of Nea Peramos had been resided, dates back to 7th century, when settlers from the opposite island of Thasos came to this area and colonized a hill that is opposite to the hill where the castle ruins are located now. There were found ruins of a fortress and a temple that proves the existence of a colony there.

Also, according to Homer (Iliad Θ΄302-305) one of the women of Priam with the name of Castianeira descended from a town called “Esymi” which had been located where the Thassian colony located. This means that before the Thassian colony there had been another town, which had commercial relationships with Mikinoian world.

In ancient Greece the area of Antisara (Kavala) and Oisymi (Nea Peramos) was called Biblian land and the citizens were famous about their exquisite wine. Nowadays there are still people with vineyards or they have their own wineries that produce excellent wine.

The city of Nea Peramos has contemporary infrastructures (sewerage) and all the comforts that the modern citizen of a coastal town needs (Super Market, restaurants, doctor, pharmacies, car rentals, shops, retail stores, shipyard, etc.) that are open for the whole year.





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