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If you wish to buy a house or apartment we can lead you with our 37 year-old experience to the desired result. As a construction company we have constructed many buildings (over 2000 apartments) that will definitely arouse your interest. The location of our real estate spectrum designates the wealth and idyllic area of New Peramos, which combines coastal and mountainous scenery.

Our building architecture offers complete and luxurious integrated solutions for every taste. Even the most sophisticated.

  • We have seaside apartments where you can take great delight in the turquoise North Aegean Sea.
  • The marble stairs and floors are the best example for the construction quality we devote in the selective choice of materials.
  • The houses and apartments have heating (radiators) or air conditioning for summer and winter.
  • You have absolute freedom at your disposal for the interior design of spaces of the houses.
  • We offer a wide range of apartments and houses from 30m² to 230m².
  • Over the past years we have invested in real estate that gives us the opportunity to construct houses on their own plot (piece of land).
  • Credibility, certainty and safety are very important in our days. We promise to obey to these moral principles as they are fundamental for your investment.

We are absolutely confident that we will meet your requirements!


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